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My responsibilities

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stakeholder interviews & competitive analysis

As part of the project, I interviewed the engineers, marketers, and product managers behind the solution. The device is groundbreaking and solves a lot of issues that previous solutions have not been able to.

When I had a comprehensive understanding of the device and its purpose, I began analyzing and noting what the competition was doing. In order to move forward, I gathered actionable insights and presented them to the team.

Content strategy

To communicate the value of the device, I presented a video in the hero section right off the bat. The moment you load a page, you can see the product in action.

Additionally, in terms of content, we pointed out the unique characteristics of the product, how it saves you the effort of having to replace something every day, and other problems it solves.

uvisor hero

Next, we had to include a comparison table that illustrates the differences between UVisor and other solutions on the market. What makes this mask different from one that's worn over the nose and mouth? Those are the very first questions potential buyers have.

uvisor table

I wanted to add an interactive section to the site that would enable visitors to see the device from all angles. One of the engineers created a 360-degree spin of the device, and then using Lottie & JSON I created an animation where the user can control the device using their mouse.

uvisor interactive spin

As a next step, I had to show all the situations in which the UVisor can be used. I created a gallery and wrote short descriptions about how the device can benefit those environments.

uvisor gallery

There is information on the homepage that a potential manufacturer may be interested in, but there is additional information that might be sought out. This is why I created the UVISOR FAQ page where you can find every detail about it.

uvisor faq

Currently, UVisor uses the website for presentations, competitions, and pitching manufacturers. In the coming months, the device will be in mass production.

On behalf of the UVisor team, I’d like to thank Mihnea for all the hard work. We are a group of tech volunteers who are working on solutions to help during the COVID-19 pandemic. We needed some help in putting up a website that communicated what we were doing and help us gain visibility. From start to finish there was always a strong level of respect & understanding for the goal at hand. Working closely with Mihnea really took our website to the next level! He was extremely patient in understanding what we were doing, our needs, and generating different iterations. We are really impressed with the quality of work, support, and meticulous attention to detail. I will definitely be recommending him. Thanks for such good work.
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