Step-by-step workflow

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After we discuss and define the ins and outs of your project, I begin with a comprehensive research phase.

I will learn what your industry is all about: What is it about? Who are we designing for? What problem are we solving?

By having a complete understanding of the problem we need to solve, I will reach a clear solution rather than going through a guessing game based on assumptions.

I will interview your customers and if that is not possible, I will use a recruitment service to survey users from the same target audience.

Once I know what the solution is and to whom we are building it, I move on to the next stage.

Brainstorming, sketching, site maps, wire frames, and all that jazz. At this point, I begin drawing the problem.

There are many paths to a destination and I will discover the best one.

Continuous iteration is the name of the game and you will be updated every step of the way.

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During the design stage, I start putting together everything we established in the research and planning stages.

I start implementing logos, color palettes, custom fonts, images, patterns and other elements your project requires.

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The prototype will be the first usable and working version of your project. We are ready to dip our toes in the water and measure the first reactions to our finished work.

...but hold on for just a second... before we launch our project to the world, we have to make sure that all potential problems are solved.

We do this by testing the usability of the project. We go back to a few of your customers (5 would be ideal) or an external research panel.

We test if there is anything we have to polish before launching the project.

On average, 5 users will point out 85% of potential issues and it is for the best that we catch and get rid of those issues as early as possible.

After this, we are ready to launch the project. A new era begins and I am so proud to have been part of it!

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